joi, 26 ianuarie 2017

Where do you go? When all it's falling apart and nothing's right? Where do you find comfort for your soul and heart? Where do you run to hide? Do you fear of loneliness? Of being alone, standing still, all by yourself. Cause I am. I am afraid, and tired of feeling that way. Can you stop those sleepless nights, that pain in your chest, that emptiness in your stomach, that ache you feel everytime you wake up and have to live with that for the rest of your day. And the next day after that.. How could you stop cryin' when it's all you can do, all you wanna do.. What do you do when there's no tear left for you to cry? When you're surrounded with people, but you still feel alone? When you're driving, not knowin' where you goin'.. How many smiles you have to fake 'till someone realise you're not ok, not even close.. when you're a mess, a disaster, a cold human body, walking and living, but feeling you're almost dead inside? When there's no strength for you to fight? When you can't handle anything, anymore.. when you're beggin' for a little brightness in your life? when you feel everything you do is wrong or not enough. When you're searchin' not knowin' what you're looking for? When you're constantly feeling all it's a nightmare you wanna wake up from?

Just tell me, cause I haven't found the answers yet for all these stupid questions..

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