miercuri, 23 noiembrie 2016

I really think I got a bad karma, or a bad timing or something. Cause I can't explain how a singular presence makes me stay or go home. You're by far one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Yes, you're attractive, hot, I won't deny. You're smart, waaaay to smart, intelligent, beautiful thinking and seeing things around. You're fun. You make me laugh, you speak fluently sarcasm and some hard to catch jokes. I really like your eyes, they seem full of secrets, deep and dark ones, kind of I wanna get lost into. I'd rip off your logic and make passionate sense to you. I like your voice, it's something beyond my senses to say what's doing to me. But beside that, what's left? I don't really know you. I know your mask. I know the face you show to everyone, less to R. Maybe. Or maybe not. Maybe she's just a game, or an ambition, I don't know. Believe me, I begg for this to be. I can't resist, as hard as I try, not to look around, not to chase you, mentally speaking, you're impossible to forget. And finally, forget about what? We don't have a thing, I have a thing. A crush on you, you could say so. I'm exhausted of you. I want you so bad it drives me crazy. I guess what keeps me goin' is hope. Hope you'd see someday the way I look at you and realise ..nothing. You'd be dissapointed. Maybe I'm not just good for you, or isn't meant to happen, you have her, she has you. 

As I said..

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