joi, 6 august 2015

not mine

I am that type of girl that likes attention. I like to be watched, observed, analised from head to foot, cause I know I have no flaws, even I am not perfect. Im confident and I know in this world, confidence counts the most. I like to walk like I am on catwalk, even I don't have heels, I love everybody to stares at me and say: damn, this girl is a good one! I dress to impress, not him or her, but for myself. I feel good when I know I look good. Even in my bad days, when my hair is messy and I don't feel beautiful, I wear a smile and still feel pretty enough to catch somebody's attention. I like to play hard cause I don't want any less than I deserve. And believe me, I deserve waaay too much. And there comes part 2, when I do not just dress to impress for my good look. If you're lucky enough or you got some brain to talk to you, you'll see I am about to blow your brains out cause I am a smart, ironic, sarcastic bitch. I may play bitchy or nasty, but when we got deep talks, you'll see I know so many things and you'll be amazed by the way I see things in life, the way I treat life and the way I treat others. I may, just may, be two faced, but that's because I got multiples personalities. I treat every person diferently, you know what I mean, don't you? Not everyone deserves to be treated nicely cause the majority of the people are hoes and assholes. So, what's the point of me being nice if you're not, huh? If you got the chance to catch my attention, believe me, you gotta' put your ass on work cause in a second I may change my oppinion and fuck with you like no one did it before. Got it?! I like a person how I like my coffe. Hot and strong. Better said, I like my man that way. My friends are out of this discussion. He gotta' know how to handle things, manly things, he has to know when to be nice and when to be rude. He must be elegant. Cause I never ever will show up with a man that is not dressed like he should. After that, he must be smart, intelligent, confident. He has to know how to speak with the people, how to treat them, how to get in touch with them, how to beautiful comunicate with others, so in the end, the others will strongly say: she's so lucky to have him! I'd love my man to know how to be a animal in bed and a gentleman in society, cause oh god, I'll do the same for him. I'll treat him like no woman did and no woman would. Still, it went too far from what I begun with. I must say, I am not a girl in a million, but I am one kind of woman in a lifetime.

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