miercuri, 22 iulie 2015

B nuştiucât

It looks like I haven't forget about you, not even 1%. I cried like a baby today and I couldn't stop. Just by kissing me and hugging me you made me cry like I never did, I just couldn't handle the thought of you not being mine anymore.. I haven't had dealed with it by now but.. now.. it's so different. I have a huge scar on my heart and it has the shape of your name. I can't believe "us" doesn't exist anymore. How could I be so.. so selfish? To say to everyone you didn't mean anything to me, that I miss a dumbass who doesn't give a fuck about me? Hah.. like you do. Neither do you. But you're my first. My first love.. my first everything! And now.. seeing how much I don't have you.. it breaks my heart like hell. Knowing I am not yours anymore? That someone may take my place? In your arms? No.. I can't imagine that. It's too fucking painfull. I can't think.. I can't do anything right now. All I think about is you.. and how I was so stuuupid.. to say we're never ever getting back together. When you insisted so much to give another shot to our relationship I said no, like a fucking fool, cause I thought I got over you and I found someone I fell in love with. But that was just my imagination.. it was.. so foolish of me to think I got over you so soon .. when the reality was.. upside down. Babe please.. please just come back and be mine again. Cause I know you're the one Im going to end up with! Please.. I still love you, I swear I do.. and I do it like crap! Im in love with you, always have, always will. Please.. fall in love with me again, let me make you happy one more time, let me be proud Im yours, your girl, your love, your babe.. your everything. Im begging you.. I know we had our trouble and we have a not so beautiful history, but we loved each other and we could make something amazing. I know inside you feel the same way, but now.. now you're distracted by things you won't be happy with. I know.. I know I am still your happiness. But I just need you to see things like I do. I know you, babe, I know you still love me.. please.
Come back..
I want you back..

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