joi, 28 mai 2015

I do have feelings for both of you.
You're my first love, my first in everything, my one and only. I did so many things with you, I've learned so much from you, you showed me things I've never thought I'd see. You made me feel love, anger, passion.. all in one. I've been in love with you for so long, for so long I've been craving for your love, your attention, your affection, your everything. Then you broke me.. twice. Then you came back and said you were sorry for making me believe you didn't want me anymore. And I believed you. Everytime. When you said you were sorry, with those beautiful eyes, and I let you come home and give you a thousand chances to make it right. But you always want me when I am not yours. In your eyes, everytime when you think Im not yours anymore, Im the most beautiful girl in the world, Im smarter, I am everything more than I were when we were together. How am I supposed to believe you when all I know about your feelings is.. nothing?
But you.. you're something new. You made me feel almost all the things I felt with him in 2 years. We got a moment.. even I was drunk.. I never felt this way before. You got those beautiful blue eyes that makes me feel like Im in heaven. I can't see the future in them, but I see.. something I've never seen before. I see kidness and.. desire. You got me sippin' on something and I cant compare to nothing. I want to rip your clothes off and make you begg me not to stop. You turn me on like hell.. all the things I feel for you.. all the things I'd do to you.. gosh. You make me fell in love.. Im craving for you. Your kisses, you hands on me.. got me crazy.

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