vineri, 29 mai 2015

I am a free spirit. I am a wild one.
I want to party hard, dance all night till I cant feel my legs. I want long walks after so many drinks, with friends or with a random guy, have a deep talk till we got home. I wanna drink till I cant say hi and then get a strong coffee at 5am when the sun rises.
I want long trips with friends. Laugh till we say : Im dying! I wanna stay around fire with beers and good food and tell stories with ghosts. I wanna go to beach and see every morning the sunrise, have romantic moments with my boyfriend and thank Lord I found him. I want deep, intelligent conversations with someone who understands me, see me diferently than others, the real me. I wanna have fun till I die. I wanna laugh and tell jokes. Always. Always to have a smile on my face. I wanna travel. Wanna see the whole world, get a nice skin and not to be ashamed with my body.
I wanna have sex whenever I want to, get some good orgasms and got a loooot of food. I wanna eat everything I want when I want. I wanna stay alone, in a nice comfy apartment and stay till its late with a coffee and cigs. I wanna dance in my comfy underwear..
Cause Im young..

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