vineri, 13 martie 2015


"You know what.. ?
Im tired of missing you, wanting you, waiting for you and loving you so much, so hard that it hurts. It hurts when I see you don't miss me, like you did, when Im waiting for you to call me, to text me, to show me just a little bit of love. I can't explain all the reasons I can't let you go, but Im trying by saying I love you. But you make me feel like it's wrong.. it's wrong loving you, it's wrong wanting you.. Im not happy. Im not anymore. And you don't seem to care.. and it hurts like hell knowing I've given you so much and now you're just a stranger with all my secrets. You're doing me bad.. you're not good. Im fucking craving for your love and all I can do is rereading our old conversations, remember all the things you've done for me, all the sweet things you said, all the love you gave me. Im ashamed now if Im telling someone what I did with and for you, I'm ashamed what I've become because of you. I just want to act like I dont care, then you'd say I don't show you I love you, but if I do, you'd think Im stressing. I know you do not want me anymore, you're using me.. and I can't believe Im still here, knowing that, and Im still with you.. I don't have the strength to let you go, not to care so much.. I don't know Im just fucking tired, I'm ashamed.."

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