sâmbătă, 7 februarie 2015

Here's my unspoken words..

My privilege to give you what you wanted, you abused it. Now I realize that all of that was hella' stupid, I opened my eyes, broken heart too late, I dont think that in my life I'd ever make this worse mistake.

Just let me tell you I love you, but I gotta' let you go, I don't think that there's a chance that anything could ever grow, love is just a world you can use then abuse, but I guess you won't be happy from whatever you been through.

But still ..
There's no excuse for you treating me on how you did, you told me that you love me, but I guess you never did. Please correct me if I'm wrong and if your feelings are true, you can tell me how you feel, but I wouldn't go back with you.

I choose to take my life back, 'til the very start cause I'd rather be alone than with you with a broken heart. All the plans we ever made, you threw them all away. I tried my best to show you my love to you everyday.. with every second you were gone, I was always feeling down, I don't wish you nothing bad, but everything comes back around.

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