joi, 9 august 2012

epic fail

Im not goin' to show you what I feel for you..but I'm going to show you a fake smile but you'll be sure enought not to believe that. I'm not going to call you.. I'm not going to text you.. but I really want to do that.. cause I like you.. more than I thought. And I don't fucking understand .. I'm here,trying to show you what's inside of me..but you don't care.. you act like you care.. you just made me believe it's an ''you and me" out there.. And I believed you. I can't explain .. yesterday.At the phone.. you were so funny,telling me shits,talking about me and you,telling me "my sweetie.." .. to find out after you DON'T FUCKING CARE. You don't give a shit about me.. Probably,you were just bored. But I wasn't there for your entartaiment.. I fuckin' hate you..

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