marți, 17 aprilie 2012

I wish I could feel again/

I wish I could feel again : 

those heatbeats ..
butterflies runnin' through my stomach ..
emptiness when he look at me ..
that feeling when I think I'm 'bout to fall in love ..
those late nights thinking about his eyes&his voice ..
those mornings waitin' for a message from him ..
those feelings I can't say him I'm in love with him
those afternoons spent with his friends out,each of them tryin' to find out if I feel something for him ..something more than a friendship ..
those moments when I get home and feel like I lost my mind .. but he made me like that ..
Like I'm a stupid child ... in love.

Honestly,I wish I could feel those things again .
Too bad 'cause all I have now is a coffe and a cigarette .

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