sâmbătă, 3 decembrie 2011

thinking about the past and other shits

Time passes and I stand here with a coffee in right hand with my pillow , thinking about: past,shits,you and if I did my homeworks?!Nevermind,all is important-in my mind right now-is you.Could you tell me how you feel when you see me,when we're so close (I can hear your heart beating really really speedy) to me,when you talk to me (I'm not mindful cause I'm concerned to look at your eyes,honestly!) ?I think I'm not in love(again) it's just a feeling of attachement,I don't love you I just like you like person,like a boy with I want to spend my time,just that.When I "wanted" a person(boy) I "won" that person.
How I said,time passes and I'm the same person it's like I didn't grew up,not at all.I still have all these defects,perhaps more,fewer qwality.I still love all the persons that I've loved in the past,I kept them in my heart and I'll do however I'll become.I still want to change some mistakes;I still love my mommy like when I was born depsite all spent.I think I still have a part of my friends,they're here and try to support me in every decision I take.I think they love me and I know I love them.The rest?I dont give a fuck about who doesn't love me or doesn't need me,so suck my dick,retards!

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