vineri, 9 septembrie 2011

missin u..

As scrie atat de multe in momentul asta chiar nustiu cum sa-mi golesc capul altcumva dar tot ce pot sa zic e ca : *scuzati greselile,im not fluent in english*

I miss sumer and I miss how happy I was when u call my name,when u say u “love” me,when u hug me tight and kiss me in the way u know,when u look into my eyes and say : You’re so fuckin cute,baby.When u leave but u always came back,when u text me and ask me what im doin and why the fuck I don’t text u back =)):*when u said what..u said and made me happy,when u took my hand , when u were so close to me and I could hear ur heart beatin so fast,when we stand hours and hours lookin each other and just smile.When u said im not like others,when D. said me that u care about me,when u came when I call u,when u were at my home and made things that I never forget.I know u don’t care while u constantly try to make me believe that isn’t  true but I still love you.I regret that part when u call me and start to scream at me(it brokes my soul,my sweetie) .I still tryin to lie myself that u’re like another but u’re not,u’re special I think u should know that,u’re like a drug,it makes u want more and more.In the end,I still love u baby,u were mine in this summer.

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