miercuri, 27 iulie 2011

if you know..

If you know how many times I’ve cried for you,how is to break someone your heart,if you know how is to stay in the shower and cry,cry,cry and..cry.If you know how is to want to scream but you can’t cuz it may seems strange,how is to care about someone but that ‘someone’ don’t care about you,but you really love that  someone’ bcz is your life,like you can’t breath without him or her.If you know how is to stay in a crowd but you feel totally alone and need that ‘person’ who can make you feel alright.If you know how is to love someone and he/she is  so careless with you,you know..it’s killing you inside.If you know how is to realize that person you love,she changes.She changes totally and you don’t recognize her..If you know how is to want to hug that person you love,but she’s not there because..she left,forever..and she will not come..beucase,she..didn’t loved you,she..just want to be with another one..but  you still love him/her because he/she is  your life..and always will.

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