joi, 2 iunie 2011

intrebări şi răspunsuri..

-i know that if we put our ambition against each other,you'll win,so i won't do it.
-you know that you re stronger than me so that means i love you more than you do.[but i dont know if u really do that..]
-i know that u dont really care,bcs if u would u dont do things that hurt me so fuckin much.
-you know you dont care, why the fuck youre complicating so much for a person that you considerate her a shit?

and i want to bring me some answers:
-why you tell me what i want to hear but then i discover that theyre lies,totally lies..
-why you tell me you couldnt do anything for ,,us'' but you could?
-why you tell me that you-re sorry BUT YOU DON'T?

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