duminică, 6 martie 2011

Greşeala mea!

My privilege to give you what you wanted you abused it
Now I realize that all of that was hella stupid
I opened up my eyes
Broken heart TOO LATE!
I don't think that in my life id ever make this worse mistake

Just let me tell you that I love but I gotta let you go
I don't think that there's a chance that anything could ever grow
Love is just a word that you can use and then abuse
But I guess you won't be happy from whatever you been through
But still that's no excuse for you to treat me on how you did
You told me that you loved me but I guess you never did
Please correct me if I'm wrong and if your feelins are true
You can tell me how you feel but I wouldn't go back with you
I chose to take my life back, Til the very start
Cause Id rather be alone than with you with a broken heart
All the plans we ever made
You threw them all away
I tried my best to show my love to you every day
With every second you was gone I was always feeling down
I don't wish you nothing bad but everything comes back around
I guess I never I really thought id ever feel this way
Id wish you happiness and then move on our separate ways

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It's hard to move on tryna get used to all this change
I rather put one in my brain if I continue with this pain
I can write a million things but that still wouldent describe
The sorrow that I mend, all the pain I feel inside
But what can I do there's nothing left for me and you
I can't force you by my side, it's up to you and only you
I was happy while it lasted but then it went bad
Your next boyfriend took the best thing that I had
Your love for him blinded you
And you know it's true
Cause the one that really loved you stood right there infront of you
You were treated like a queen but you ain't treat me like a king
You lost me so that means you lost a good thing.

E foarte faină melodia,are mesaj...

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